Ashley Rose Murphy

ME to WE motivational speaker. WE Ambassador. HIV/AIDS activist.

Ashley Murphy is a remarkable young woman who has overcome some seemingly insurmountable odds. By sharing her personal story of living with HIV, and as an impassioned public speaker, Ashley raises awareness around the world about HIV/AIDS and moves people of all ages to harness their own strength to overcome obstacles in their lives. She has spoken at WE Day events across Canada and has inspired many people around the world with the message that we can all overcome our challenges and use them to help others.

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Speech Topics

Audiences will be inspired by Ashley’s incredible talk on how to harness your inner strength to overcome your personal roadblocks. Her speech can be customized to fit your needs.

Harness your inner strength: DIG DEEP & KEEP GOING

In this talk, audiences will learn that anyone can overcome nearly any obstacle and turn a negative in one’s life into a positive—making it work for you, rather than against you. You’ll walk away with the tools you need to make it through the tough times and harness your inner strength. You will feel inspired and motivated to dig deep and keep going, even when it feels like you aren’t making progress.