Craig Kielburger

Social entrepreneur. Humanitarian. New York Times bestselling author. Co-founder of the WE organization, including WE Charity, ME to WE and WE Day.

Since the age of 12, Craig has helped countless people around the globe lift themselves, their families and their communities out of poverty. From co-founding a charity at just 12 years old to building a global organization, he has helped millions of people create positive change and connect with their purpose. Today, he continues to motivate and empower others to change the world. As a powerful, internationally acclaimed speaker, he will inspire your group to take the steps toward making a meaningful difference. To learn more about Craig, visit

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Speech Topics

From speaking on profit and purpose to unconventional leadership, all of Craig’s five speeches will ignite the passion in your group to help make positive change. Each speech can be customized to fit your needs.

The WEconomy: How your company can profit from purpose

Craig discusses purpose and profit as the greatest human motivators, and how WEconomy is the definitive road map for bringing the power of both together—achieving purpose with profit in your career, company and changing the world.

Thought-provoking. Informative. Inspiring. This speech is designed for all levels of your company, as well as business students. Great for professional development sessions and company retreats to celebrate your company’s purpose and CSR efforts.

ME to WE: Making doing good, doable

In this uplifting, inspirational and deeply personal speech that will touch audiences and make them laugh, Craig will share his moving story about how he started a movement to change the world. Great for all audiences, this speech will give them the tools to start making a difference today.

Unconventional leadership: Lessons I learned from Oprah, Nelson Mandela, Grandma and more

This highly interactive speech pushes the boundaries of traditional speeches with stunning videos, visuals and a customizable delivery, allowing audiences to pick the stories they want to hear. Craig shares actionable leadership lessons for any audience to implement in their work, education or personal life.

Dynamic and engaging, this multimedia-rich speech will inspire all corporate, non-profit, associations and university/college business audiences.

The world needs your kid: Raising kids who care and contribute

Raising kids in a complex, fast-paced social world can be challenging. In this speech, based on Craig and Marc’s international bestseller The World Needs Your Kid: Raising Children Who Care and Contribute, Craig will reflect on personal stories about his parents—both educators—and provide key insights on guiding children to be compassionate and engaged global citizens.

This speech provides tips for guiding young people to be engaged global citizens, and is ideal for social workers, coaches, families, educators, communities, parents, caregivers, ECE workers and anyone who cares for children and youth.

Making caring cool again: Engaging and inspiring next generation philanthropists

Thought-provoking and informative, this speech will inspire the next generation to find their place and change the world. Great for small groups or large audiences of philanthropic individuals, YPO families and Giving Pledge families.