Roxanne Joyal

Social entrepreneur. Women’s empowerment advocate. Rhodes scholar. CEO of ME to WE. Founder of ME to WE Artisans.

Roxanne’s belief in the transformative potential of social enterprises has taken her from the villages of rural Asia and Africa to the top boardrooms and design showrooms of New York and Los Angeles. As founder of ME to WE Artisans, Roxanne has created an international market for the intricate handiwork of more than 1,400 indigenous women in Kenya, allowing them to lift their families out of poverty and establish themselves as leaders in their communities. Through powerful and authentic stories, Roxanne shares insights that will help you launch your own social enterprise, creating original products, services or experiences that change the world.

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Speech Topics

From speaking about female leaders to social entrepreneurism to raising kids who care, Roxanne’s three engaging speeches will inspire audiences of all ages. Each speech can be customized to fit your needs.

The world’s most powerful women: How women are leading change

Suitable for students in high school, university and college, as well as women in business and women’s groups, Roxanne will inspire women to create better futures for themselves and the women around them.

Secrets of a social entrepreneur: How business leaders can make an impact

Thought-provoking and informative, this talk is great for business leaders, social entrepreneurs and students in college and university.

From one mama to another: Raising kids who care and contribute

This talk is perfect for all audiences who help to shape children’s lives, whether you’re a parent, caregiver, educator or part of a community.