Our very own do-gooders

Our alumni are proud of their work and the opportunity to work at WE. Not only has it been a rewarding and expanding experience from a career standpoint, it’s also highly rewarding on a personal level. As an employee, you are part of an organization that values entrepreneurship, collaboration, integrity, skills development, learning and creativity; skills that are fundamental to a successful career. You’re also part of a global movement that’s making lasting, positive change and transforming the lives of families and communities around the world. If you seek value in the work that you do, there’s truly no better environment than WE.

We’re grateful to 1,200+ staff alumni over the last 20+ years. Together with our current staff, there are 2,200 incredible individuals who currently work or have worked with WE to create impact. Having begun as an 100-percent volunteer-run group of young people in elementary school, we had to learn about people management and human resources best practices as we went. Here, too, we owe our staff alumni gratitude for their patience and unwavering dedication through both the ups and downs—and for understanding that we are committed to always learning. We have chronicled our human resources journey in a case study you can access below.

In Our Alumni's Words

Read a sample of 100+ voices of past WE staff who would like to share with you their experiences working with the organization.

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